Wellness Club

The perfect setting to relax and unwind after a long stressful day. Business Wellness Club includes a fitness center, indoor swimming pool, sauna and steam rooms. These services, free to all hotel guests, can also be purchased on a membership basis. Wellness Club members can take advantage of the amenities every day of the week.

Hours of operation

Fitness hall 10:00 / 22:00

Indoor pool 10:00 / 22:00

Sauna 15:00 / 22:00

Membership Packages

3-Months Membership :   500 TL.       

6-Months Membership :   700 TL.       

1-Year Membership     : 1000 TL.                   

Family Packages

3-Months Membership :   750 TL.       

6-Months Membership :  1000 TL.       

1-Year Membership     :  1400 TL